Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra Oral Jelly is the answer to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has been a cause of worry for many men and they are striving hard to get it treated. It affects your family life, brings down your self esteem and would of course make you feel low and depressed. Surgery and many more treatment options are available for treating erectile dysfunction, but do they actually work?

Among the many flaws which people experience in life, there are some which are quite devastating both physically and emotionally. This includes the certain failures men suffer from which are very demoralizing especially those related to intimacy with women. One failure is that of erectile dysfunction which can be quite shameful at the moment of sexual activity. Experiencing a failed erection at such a period is one of the worst experiences and it is important for one to seek urgent help. One way through which this problem can be adequately countered is by getting this medication. However, with such a thought in mind, it is important to know How does Kamagra oral jelly work and its side effects. The answer to do this is a big No. Medications have their own side effects and men would obviously try various excuses for keeping a safe distance from surgery. So, what can be done to make men happy and bring back the zing in life? The solution to this is kamagra oral jelly.

Kamagra oral jelly works by dilating the arteries of the penis and maintaining an erection. The active ingredient in this jelly is sildenafil citrate that belongs to the PDE - 5 family of vasodilators. Sildenafil citrate works by dialting the blood vessels around the penis gland and makes the blood flow stronger. These series of action causes an erection to occur. However, it needs special mention here that kamagra oral jelly does not have aphrodisiac properties - meaning it cannot cause an erection to occur automatically. For an erection to occur, stimulation will certainly be required. It should therefore be understood by all men who wish to use this, that it will help an erection to occur and some kind of stimulation will be required for obtaining good results! As a summary of its working; This drug has rather simple but effective functionality which is worth knowing about. For ones having an erectile dysfunction, you are supposed to take the jelly orally. The medication works by increasing and making the blood flow stronger around to the penis in order to give a strong and lasting erection. After taking the medicine, it will start taking effect in about half an hour and the erection can last for hours. The jelly is easily swallowed and works as soon as it is taken inside the mouth. Since it is a jelly, it dissolves easily and starts working as soon as it is absorbed into the blood stream. Moreover, unlike other hard capsules or tablets, these jelly based medicines start their action soon. It has been reported that it starts to show effect within 20 minutes of it being consumed.

This med is available in sachets and in various flavors such as orange, mango, strawberry, banana, mint, chocolate, pineapple and vanilla. Men can choose the flavor of their choice. This medication is manufactured and packed in clean and hygienic environment by Safe Pharmaceuticals companies. It should be taken in amounts of 100mg in 24 hours on empty stomach. Its effects are visible within 20 minutes - 1 hour of consuming it. Best is to take this medication about 20 - 25 minutes before you wish to get intimate with your partner. The effect of this medication lasts for about 4 - 6 hours. In order to further enhance the efficacy of this product, you should try and avoid certain foods when on kamagra jelly treatment. The foods to be avoided include grape fruit and high calorie and fatty meals two hours before taking the medications. This is so because, high fat foods have a tendency to interfere with the absorption of this jelly and hence it is recommended to be used on empty stomach. It needs special mention here that it should never be used in doses more than 100mg. It is important to note that there is need for stimulation after which the medication will help maintain the erection. However, there is a limitation as to the people who are able to use this medicine. The jelly should not be used by people suffering from conditions such as heart failures, stroke or blood pressure. Apart from this, there are also side effects associated with the use of this jelly which one should be aware of. One of the simple side effects is that of headaches. There is the possibility of experiencing mild headaches when using this medicine. However, this effect is not dangerous and should not worry you. Additionally, there is the redness of the face which you get to experience when taking the medicine. This effect has no threat to your health and will later seize.

Another mild side effect which one may experience is that of dryness in the eyes. This effect does not require urgent medical attention and does not pose any threat to the user. The dryness will automatically stop and should therefore not deter you from taking the Kamagra jelly. In addition to this, there is also the possibility of experiencing mild nausea which should later subside slowly. Apart from the mild side effects, there are also other severe ones which are quite rare. The severe side effects include shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing. This is a serious effect which requires medical attention. Under such, one should seek instant medical attention. There is also the possibility of chest pains and dizziness under which you are supposed to stop taking the medication and consult a doctor. Additionally, one can experience an erection exceeding 4 hours which is a bad side effect. Conclusively, such severe effects are rare and the possible mild ones have no health risks. While experiencing the mild side effects, you can continue to take the medicine but contact your doctor regarding such side effects. However with the severe ones, you should stop taking the medication and consult the doctor as soon as possible.